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Historical patterns of chain maille and viking weave brought to life with a modern twist.


Black Tourmaline Mala Necklace and Bracelet Kit


Within this kit you will receive everything you need to make a Black Tourmaline Mala necklace and a Mala bracelet.

You don’t need any jewellery making skills or tools to be able to make these beautiful pieces.

The kit consists of:

Three strands of 8mm Black Tourmaline

Seven 12mm Marker/Guru beads

Approximatey 7 meters of knotting nylon cord

One wire needle

Tassel cord (please add to the comments box which colour tassel you would like, if this is left blank I will choose a complementary colour for you)

Please note that the tassel cord may differ slightly  from the picture

You will also receive a PDF tutorial on how to make the necklace and bracelet.

You can download this from your competed order email.  Once you have downloaded it you can then save it to which ever device you have and you can then refer back to it as and when you need to.

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