The last few months have been absolutely full on, I have not only had my first event to get ready for, but I have also filmed 2 dvd’s and have 15 tv shows on Jewellery Maker TV. I love my job as a designer on the channel but each show can take up to 20 hours of preperation that’s before the 4 hours live tv, so as you can imagine I have not listened to my body and last week ended up with Shingles!!! It’s the 4th time I have had it so luckily I don’t get poorly with it anymore but it has made me sit back and relax for a few days.

So what do you do when you are forced to have a break from work? Thats right you take to YouTube and look at new craft mediums that you want to have a go at. Resin jewellery is something that I have been doing for about 12 years and I absolutely adore working with this medium, but something took my eye and it was Resin Art!!!

A quick visit to Resin8 website and I was ordering all the stuff I needed to make my first Resin Art piece. I washed about 10 different videos and today was the day I had a go at it. I made a few rookie errors but omg its so addictive!!! they take a lot of resin but the results that you can get are just amazing, I now need more supplies so I can make some more, you never know if I get better at it I may even sell some of them.