Well i have had an eventful few days, on Thursday i had a little visitor to my workshop, a tiny little Wren found its way into my workshop and very calmly just flew around for a bit having a look around, it then went into the main house and i thought it had flown out of the window so imagine my surprise when he was waiting for me to start work on friday morning again sat in my workshop!, i had a little conversation with it saying to couldn’t live here and i invited it to go out the door, he’s not been back since but i think he’s working out a way to get back in lol.  I have also been spending a lot of time uploading items into my etsy shop so its looking a little fuller, i am just waiting for some items to come back from the Assay office and then more will be added. Right i have got to go i have a date with a glass of Vino!