Chain Maille collection

With its roots in Medieval history chain maille was originally designed as armour for knights and soliders to wear. It was used all over the world in different forms and patterns to protect the wearer in battle. The 3 main areas that used chain maille in there armour were the Europeans, the Japanese and the Persians (although there isn’t much documentation on how it was used by the persians)

Hundreds of year later there are now over 1000 different patterns for chain maille and its used in not only jewellery but in Shark suits, Butchers gloves, Chain saw trousers and as a replacement for tinfoil in the cooking of meat.

All of the chain maille i create is either made in Sterling silver which is then hall marked or  bare copper which can be sealed if the wearer doesn’t want the bare copper for its reported health benefits.

All of these pieces are available to either commission or for sale on my etsy shop.  If the item you want is not on these pictures please use the contact tab with your requirements