New year New web shop!!!!! I cannot believe it I am so excited to launch a new web shop in the new year.  It has been huge learning curve and i have had the help of a very clever gentleman called Paul who originally built the website.  Filling in the content has been very frustrating at times as it would seem i don’t have a good memory for remembering where certain buttons are in the dashboard of this website but slowly i am getting the hang of it!  I have added a few items now just to test the water and see if i am happy with the overall look of the shop. I have a lot more photos to take and edit (i absolutely hate this job!) and add the items to the shop.  The other exciting project i am working on is a 9ct gold and sterling silver luxury range of chain maille, this will be a very limited collection and will be more of a considered purchase but i’m excited to see how its going to look.  This only leaves me with one thing to say, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year x Fleur x




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