Sterling silver chainmaille

Persian Regal Collection

The sterling silver chainmaille Persian collection is a staple for your everyday jewellery collection. Every single piece of this collection is so wearable, they will become a piece of jewellery that you forget you are wearing, until you get a wonderful compliment on the beauty of the piece.

Each piece is named after a famous Persian princess and is hand crafted from sterling silver and finished off with a beautiful contemporary clasp.

Every piece is hall marked from the Birmingham Assay office.

  • Gemstone Ear Ring Project Kit

  • Attica Weave Bracelet Chain Maille Kit

    From: £16.60
  • Sweet Pea Sterling Silver kit

    Sweet Pea Chain Maille Kit

    From: £11.95
  • Byzantine Chain Maille kit

    From: £11.50
  • Aura 4 Units Chain Maille Kit

    From: £17.95
  • Scary Weave Bracelet Chain Maille Kit

    From: £15.50
  • Japanese 12 in 2 Diamond and Flower Chain Maille Weave Tutorial

  • Orbit Chain Maille Weave Tutorial

  • Sprite Bracelet Chain Maille Kit

    From: £17.30
  • 40x30mm Cabochon chain maille setting tutorial

  • 3 Jubilee Tutorial Bundle

  • HP 3 in 1 Bracelet Chain Maille Kit

    From: £10.00