HP 4 in 1 Chain Maile Bracelet Kit

From: £10.95

Half Persian 4 in 1 Bracelet kit

Within this kit you will get everything you need to make a beautiful bracelet with saw cut jump rings and depending on the kit either wire to make your own clasp or a lobster clasp

To help you make this bracelet you will also get a starter weave and practice jump rings

Each kit comes with a PDF Tutorial that can be downloaded and saved to your computer/device. You will have 5 downloads available.  You can find the download in your purchase email and also in the download section on your account.

For more of a visual learners there is a youtube video to go the Rocks n Chains Youtube channel and you will be able to watch the video.

This kit comes in 3 different metals Sterling Silver, Bare Copper and Silver Plated Copper

I hope you enjoy making this gorgeous bracelet.





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