Something that I get asked a lot with my jewellery is how is it made? do you make all the links yourself? The answer to both of those questions is yes. Every single link of the chain maille pieces are made by myself and then linked together into the specific patterns you see in all the pieces

Every piece of Rocks n Chains chain maille starts off life as a reel of wire, then over a process of stages the jump rings (links the chains are made from) are made. This is the first process of making the chains and can take up to 2 hours to cut enough jump rings for a necklace.

Once all the rings are made I then start to link them together into the specific patterns (weaves) that you see in the collections. The only thing that is not hand made by me is the clasp and the Rocks n Chains Tag that is on every piece of chain maille. From there every piece is then polished to a high mirror shine.  The whole process of making a piece from start to finish can take hours and some pieces take days to complete! Once the piece is complete it is then off to the Assay Office to get hallmarked and then off to the customer to be worn and adored. Check out all the items for sale here.


Jens Pind Linkage bracelet

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